Bespoke Named Data from Healthcare Professionals

Audience Healthcare’s unique methodology gives pharmaceutical brand owners a direct line of communication into health professionals across all disciplines. Our proven, trusted history in this sector means that we are able to reach even those people who will not see representatives.
We generate exactly the information you seek to capture from professionals in primary care, secondary care, pharmacy, nursing and the NHS. Our bespoke services allow our clients to access the exact data they require from named individuals.
For example –
• Data allowing target status qualification
• Full profiling data on individual healthcare professionals
• Services provided by PCT/PCO including treatment / referral pathways
• Formulary status
• Patient numbers split by type
• Current prescribing levels of client’s and competitor’s products
• Prescribing intention
• Barriers to prescribing
• Local and national KOL identification
• Attitudes towards products and drug groups
• Influence of guidelines
• Product awareness
• Feedback on sales representatives
• Information on recent product detailing
• Product campaign awareness
• Product detailing feedback

Through accurate, articulate communication, precisely designed to meet each client’s particular set of criteria, Audience Healthcare provides insightful feedback with direct responses from ground level. The high value, unclouded intelligence we generate can be applied wherever it is needed to help ensure the success of your brand.

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